St. Johns Lutheran School
12809 St. Rt. 736
Marysville, OH 43040

St. John's Lutheran School Marysville Ohio

Developing student’s minds and engaging their hearts to impact their communities through the Gospel.

Why St. John's

Top Ten Reasons for Attending St. John’s Lutheran School

  1. Academically Strong - On standardized tests, our students consistently score at or above average. As a school, we consistently score above proficient on the Ohio Achievement Assessment as well as in the top 20-30% nationally! Our graduates often move right into advanced math as well as various Honors and AP (advanced placement) classes. The academic foundation received at St. John’s has propelled many students through such high school success that they have eventually been accepted at a variety of top tier universities for continuing their education.
  2. The Kids Love Our School! - Any visit to our campus quickly shows how much our students love their school. The joy on their faces, the excitement in their activities, and the energy in their classroom discussions all point to how much they value St. John’s. They love their teachers, their classmates, the field trips, music, computers, art, athletics, and on and on. They come in each day eager and ready for another opportunity to participate, eager to share the experience with each other and tell their parents all about it when they return.
  3. Parents Appreciate St. John’s and Choose to Be Involved - At all grade levels and many activities parents are vitally involved in our school. They help in the classroom, work concessions at sporting events, chaperone field trips, and participate in fundraising support for the school. Parents are in high percentage attendance at our performance events. They remain our number one source for publicizing the school to the community, sharing their St. John’s experience with friends, family, and co-workers.
  4. We Have an Excellent Early Childhood Program - Jaguar Education Connection (JEC) sets an excellent foundation for the year’s elementary schooling to come. Under the guidance of Director Amy Balderson, our JEC has established and maintained a reputation for excellence in program, nurture, value, and service that is second to none in our community. Our Christ-centered preschool program, under the guidance of Director Alex Blewitt, helps children fall in love with learning while being surrounded by the love of our Savior. Our program is in such high demand that we typically experience families being placed on a waiting list.
  5. Tuition Assistance is Available - Thanks to the generous support of the St. John’s congregation every family receives tuition assistance. If a family qualifies for need-based tuition assistance, tuition may be covered by an assistance program. We strive to ensure that money never interferes with parents’ desire to give their children the gift of a lifetime, an excellent Christ-centered education, preparing children for life in the world today as well as eternal life.
  6. We are Affordable - Visitors are surprised at how reasonably priced our quality education programs are. However, for over 150 years the congregation of St. John's Lutheran has been partnering with parents in the financial support of Christian Education for their children at St. John's Lutheran School. St. John's members highly value the mission and every child in our school, member and non-member alike, whom we serve through our weekly congregational financial offerings and prayer-filled support of St. John's Lutheran School. We are positive we offer the absolute best value in Christian education in the Marysville area!
  7. Outstanding Teachers - Our professional educators are fully qualified and thoroughly educated, with many holding or pursuing Master’s degrees. They all have years of experience in Christian education, and have demonstrated their commitment and passion to sharing Christian faith and values with children and families while passing on their lifelong love of learning.
  8. Our Student-Teacher Ratio is Kept Low - Small class sizes at all grade levels allow students to receive excellent attention, with teachers able to appropriately address learning hurdles and challenge students intellectually. The children stay engaged and motivated all day long. Each child is treated as unique, a gift from God, and known by name on campus.
  9. Core Curriculum - In pursuit of academic excellence, greater fairness, and higher literacy, our school implements a solid, sequenced core curriculum, establishing strong foundations of knowledge, grade by grade. The curriculum provides a clear outline of content to be covered at each grade level, PK-8, ensuring our students enter each new grade ready to learn while also preventing the many repetitions and unfortunate gaps that characterize much current schooling. We strive to meet or exceed Ohio curriculum content standards.
  10. And the Top Reason for Enrolling in St. John’s Lutheran School:
    We are Christ-centered – We believe the Bible is the completely accurate and true Word of God. We believe we have salvation and eternal life through faith alone, by the grace of God and not by anything we have earned or accomplished for ourselves. We believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior, the Lord of our lives. These core beliefs impact and influence every aspect of our school. Our School Mission Statement says it clearly: St. John’s Lutheran School will equip the family of God to joyfully and boldly make Disciples of Christ as we KNOW Jesus and one another, GROW to be more like Him and SOW His love in word and deed. Our purpose is to prepare children for today, for tomorrow, and forever.