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Student Newspaper Articles

These articles were written in the 7th and 8th grade Newspaper class. Click any read more link to read or print the full article in pdf format.

Hurricane Michael Hits with Fury, by Mya Balderson

Hurricane Michael is on it’s way. It is expected to be a category three hurricane when it hits landfall Wednesday the tenth. Some regions of the US might get 12 inches of rain. Just imagine walking outside your house, and the clouds darken, the sky growls, and before you know it you are in the middle of a hurricane.


When Will Mcdonald’s Release Their Pumpkin Spice Products? by Georgia Hamilton

Mcdonald’s was supposedly going to release their pumpkin spice products early this year. So, where are they? For those that go to Mcdonald’s for the coffee, this is probably a big issue.


Bald Eagles In Union County, by Leah Nicol

Bald eagles are a “huge success story” says Josh Shields, the Union County game warden. They have made a huge come back in the past few years and are expected to grow in population even more.


2019 DC Trip for St. John’s School In Question, by Taylor Andrews

Will the 2018-2019 eighth graders of St. John’s Lutheran School in Marysville, Ohio, have to break a special tradition that has been going on for years? The 13 and 14 year olds at St. Johns are undergoing some serious discussion on whether they go to Maryland with or without the seventh graders to cut down on spending.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes, by Cali Leng

The first Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting took place on Friday, the 5th of October. It was held in its annual spot, Mrs. Alex Blewitt’s preschool and kindergarten classroom. FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) is a club that was started at St. John’s Lutheran School in the year of 2015.


Fairbanks Panthers Lose To the Greenon Knights, by Eli Thrush

The Fairbanks Panthers lost to the Greenon Knights 3 - 1 on Wednesday, October 3rd, at the Fairbanks High School home soccer field in Milford Center, Ohio. The Junior Varsity boys soccer game was intense, but in the end the Greenon Knights slayed the Fairbanks Panthers.


Dubinsky Out Due To Injury, by Gavin Landry

Brandon Dubinsky, who plays hockey for the Columbus Blue Jackets, was injured during Sunday’s practice at the Columbus, Ohio Nationwide Arena. The Reports say he suffers from a strained muscle.


A.I. Robot Tested By Britain For Warfare, by Matthew R Griffin

On September 24, 2018, Britain successfully trialled the use of an Artificial Intelligence robot in the battlefield that allows the bot to scan the area for hidden attackers. Britain trialled the A.I. robot in Montreal, Canada, in a mock urban battlefield environment. They gave the A.I. robot a name which is Sapient.


Being a System IT Architect, by Richard Sinclair

I interviewed Jason Sinclair, a current IT System Architect at Nationwide, I asked him a few questions about what he does and how it helps people with their life. At his job, his task is making sure that the systems they create are efficient and costs low.


The Bazaar Problem, by Dominic Alton

You may be thinking, “Well what's the problem so far?”.The problem is that there are not enough volunteers that are helping out with the hundreds of people that come from all over the place. I mean, the Ladies Aid can’t do it all by themselves and while other people of the congregation can help that's only so much and it happens almost every year!


St.John’s Volleyball Tournament, by Anna Lynch

“Do you want to win? Yes! Do you want to win? Yes!” said Allison and the St. John's volleyball team. The St. John's volleyball team was competing in the Central Ohio Athletic League (C.O.A.L) tournament. There are eight teams in the C.O.A.L tournament.


Country Music Star Coming to Our Neck of the Woods, by Grace. C. Gorton

Luke Bryan is a two-time academy award winner of country music, and Country Music association Entertaine. Luke Bryan was named CMT artist of the Year for 6 consecutive years. He is also a five-year host of the ACM Awards.


Is the China-America Trade War a Good or Bad Thing? by Drew Rausch

Is the United States and China trade war a good thing or a bad thing for farmers? I believe that it is a bad thing. Let me just give you a little bit of background information. The reason for the trade war is that President Donald Trump was frustrated with the trade deficit so he added a tariff to many trade items.


Uptown Friday Night, by Leo Rausch

Uptown Friday Night happened 10-5-18 at the Memorial pavilion in uptown Marysville. There was a great turnout. There was delicious food and a decent band. It was a Halloween themed, and there was some scary costumes and some normal costumes like a baseball player or a Paw Patrol costume.


Private Schools Lacking Christian Options, by Emma. F. Walters

Did you know, that there are two primary private schools in Union County? These schools are Trinity Lutheran School and St. John’s Lutheran School. The schools are serving more than 600 kids. However, neither of the schools go up to high school grades. The people of Marysville suffer from not having a private high school.