Welcome to the Music Department of St. John's Lutheran School.  We strive to teach your students the skills and knowledge to become competent and excellent musicians.  
St. John's Choir
All St. John's students in grades one through eight will have the opportunity to participate in a choir. Choir groupings vary from year to year. The choirs will practice one to two times per week during the school day. The choirs will learn correct vocal and choral techniques as they prepare music to sing in school chapel, programs, and Sunday worship services. Choir members are required to participate when the choir is scheduled to sing. The choirs will sing a variety of sacred and secular music including hymns, praise songs, folk songs, and patriotic songs.
St. John's Band
All of St. John's students in grades five through eight will have the opportunity to participate in the school band program. Students may participate in band with parent's permission. Information on rental and purchase of instruments is available through the band director. Band lessons are given during the school day in small group and large group settings. Band students are required to practice at home in preparation for lessons. Band members will prepare music to play in school chapels, programs, and Sunday worship. All band members are required to participate when the band is scheduled to play.